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    How to Declutter Every Room in Your Home

    Summer is the perfect time to declutter and organize your home! Whether you are looking to declutter your home to sell it, or just to get rid of unwanted items, follow these helpful tips!

    Kitchen: Organized-Kitchen-Pantry-Inspired-Room

    • Match food storage containers & lids. Discard mismatches.
    • Clean out underneath the sink. Discard expired cleaners.
    • Clean fridge. Throw out old condiments and food. Wash all surfaces. Replace deodorizer.


    • Wash out trash can.
    • Clean out drawers and cupboards. Wipe down.
    • Remove calcium and lime deposits from shower heads, toilet bowls, and water faucets.


    • Clean out closets. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear Elfa-garage-storage
    • Clean out dresser drawers and wipe them down.
    • Go through books. Donate any you don’t want to keep


    • Get rid of anything that is broken or unusable.
    • Neatly organize other things by item, such as: Winter clothing, tools, etc.
    • Clean up any spills, spots or stains that can be cleaned.

    To see more decluttering ideas for other rooms in your home, click here. You can even print out a free decluttering checklist!



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